About queues and afkers

Ok… so today I spent a bit too much time for launch and I got kicked out, resulting in 10k players queue.
Meanwhile, when I’m in-game I see a large number of players running against walls or using skills at regular intervals (macroing) for hours.

The server situation is already bad and keeping the server busy while not even playing is a shitty move, can’t Amazon start to ban the afkers at least?


Long story short… no.


Why not? They did it with New World…

How would they even prove someone is actually long-term afk and not just await for 5 minutes to eat or something?

To do so would take a lot of work that would need to monitor everyones activity closely which will probably put an extra strain to the already glass servers.

Reporting the afk’ers is also not an option because they can easily go to their Stronghold and do it.

You cannot ban a player because of staying AFK, but you can ban player using third part software which is macros. But you cant ban player who use Logitech G Hub etc. its a bit complicated situation. But you’re right afk players must be force disconnected.

They did something, but I am not really sure what… cuz then, I was getting kicked when I was “actively” fishing, f.e.