About Queuetimes

As an IT manager for over many years, who is responsible for several thousand of instances on AWS for our company, I can tell you one thing: it is no problem at all to start up an even huge number of instances as hot spares on AWS. They can be in operation for many days before a deadline, you can equip them with containers and extensively automated and test them (automated!). It is now part of everyday life for hundreds of thousands of companies, because most companies need burst capacities, even very large ones, also at very short notice. All this is easily possible on the basis of AWS (and yes, also Azure or GCP, …).

There is therefore no excuse whatsoever for this massively negligent, customer-hostile and beyond all words amateurish action around Lost Ark. For this, an entire team would have lost its job within the same day - including me, because there is no scenario in 2022 in which a failure of this magnitude could be accepted or even explained.

And we’re talking about Amazon itself. The owner of AWS. And we are talking about a project that has been running successfully in other regions for years. I.e. there are no excuses on the part of the application either. It’s unbelievable.

That’s probably the pinnacle of incompetence I’ve seen in 30 years of working in this industry. And that twice within a very short period of time, regarding New World and now also Lost Ark. From Amazon. I really can’t stop laughing…