About Region Lock ( Morocco )

I would like to express my concern as a fellow gamer regarding the game Lost Ark region lock in the region “Morocco”.

In the November 2021 update, 34 new countries have been added to the list of countries with access to Lost Ark, Australia which a whole continent has been added to the list. Even a lot of island countries have been added. Argentina was also added. But Morocco was not included which also shares a border with Spain.

Morocco don’t have any online Gacha/Lootbox regulations like in Belgium/Netherland, yet we are forbidden access to the game on Steam and from buying founders packs on Amazon. It is saddening that this is happening in the gaming world. Fellow Moroccan gamers uses English/French online and in every video games, so we don’t need a new language integration at all. We generally play on the EU servers competitively. We have a huge esport community most notably in moba’s and battle royal games such as LoL, PubG etc.

The language support is already there, the servers are already there. There is no need to exclude this country which shares an extreme proximity to Europe. Amazon games as a publisher have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Amazon games can straight away add Morocco to the list of countries with access to Lost Ark on Steam.

I’ve never seen this lock in any other games, i’ve played many MMO’s, Moba, Battle Royal, even mobile games and none had this region lock. How come only Amazon games have this publishing problem ? I have played Tera ( Published by Gameforge ) and Blade & Soul ( Published by NcSoft ) in the past, none had this region lock. This has to be a mistake. As Morocco shares an approximate with EU, as a matter of fact we uses Euro’s to make all online transactions in online games with servers withing the EU region.

We do not want to go through methods such as vpn’s to have access to the game. We would like to play the game legitimately as it should.

I hope this message finds the right person on the Lost Ark team and that Morocco will be reconsidered to be added in the list of countries with access to Lost Ark online in the foreseeable future, preferably before launch. Many of our fellow gamers are really disappointed by this region lock, a lot of us have been waiting for this game for +7 years to be available in EU. But now that it’s finally here, we can’t even access it.


I think you need to look at a map of where Argentina is and where Spain is

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MB, I read that as Portugal. Fixed it, and thanks for pointing that out

The point is, they allowed many countries close to US server access to it, but they didn’t allow Morocco as well as North Africa region access to the EU servers which are close to Europe

No worries friend

Sadly, this isn’t Amazon to decide on what regions the game will be available, but Smilegate. Roxx already explained it here :

There is also this post that kinda encourages people outside of the available regions to just find a way around the region lock. Not sure what you want to do with it, but I figured I’d present you the official wording on it from another perspective.

That is understandable. The point of this post is to put this to the of the localization team so that they would consider adding Morocco to the list of countries to have access to Lost Ark in a future update. If they got the publishing rights to so many countries already, it wouldn’t hurt to try and get publishing right to one extra country. Unlike Belgium and Netherland, there is no Lootbox restriction for online purchases here.

The whole continent of Australia just recently got access to the game, yet they don’t even have a dedicated server. They can buy/download the game normally and pick whatever server works best for them. If Amazon games got publishing right to a whole continent, it would logically be easy for them to get it for one more country. All they need is approval from Smiles Gate.


well the time latin america had access to na we also had access to eu and latin america is bigger market then africa we poor
well its not in amazon hands they have to pay and buy the right to publish the game in africa and they didnt think its worth it .
look at new world its amazons game so they didnt block it coz they have the right for the game and the money go back to them but lost ark is smail gates game
the games that you played with no region lock coz they ware self pulisher like ncsoft all the money goes to ncsoft so they dont care if someone from north africa or middle east play on eu they didnt make servers for them but if they dont mind high ping they can play .
and there is some games where even with vpn u cant play like BDO when it launched elyon and lost ark R.I.P sadge

I support you bro. There’s a whole community waiting for the game in Morocco since 2018 and it would be very sad not to be able to play with them… mostly moba and mmo players.


As folks mentioned above, Amazon Games does not have the publishing rights for that region. You will have to direct inquiries to Smilegate RPG.