About roster level and raids

So, I know a lot of people talking about roster levels do accept or not people in their rais groups.

I am at r126, And I can’t seem to get accepted in any hard mode vikas or valtan.

I’ve done them in normal instead, and of course it’s easy and I have the mechanics hands down…

But I’d like to do it in hard mode, but as a full time worker, i barely get enough time to do my argos,valtan and vykas on my main along the 5 alts at 1370 for p1 argos and abyssal dungeons ( plus rested daily only )

I seem stuck because I actually do every end game content, and roster level is mainly attributed to side stuff such as adventure tome, mokojo etc. I maximised my time by doing the skill point related stuff.

I have 4 pieces relic, 4x3+1 , full relic accessory and +21 weapon.

How am I even supposed to do hard mode or at least get accepted in a group if they’re only looking for 150+ roster … Which is not even directly related to raiding ?

It has nothing to do with its level, nor with its roster, nor with its engravings. It’s the simple fact that you are DPS and you have trillions of DPS in the game besides you. If you want to be accepted easily, you just have to be a support.


Essentially groups can cherry pick what dps they want since there are “millions” of DPS out there. So essentially on level dps to the raid will have a hard time being taken since ask yourself this if you had this show up in the applicants list:

1460 - 4x3 Engraving, Pretty good gear/tripods
1490 - 5x3 Engraving, +4 tripods, LoS Cards, etc.

I will guarentee you that almost EVERY party leader will pick the 1490s over the 1460s. Its just the way it is. Your better off making your own group and praying the supports join yours to provide you with the top end dps as well.

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you create the group, but just as they see what they are wearing, you also check what they are wearing, I dont join groups where I consider people poorly armed (good engraving dps and gems) for a raid, if I arm myself well, at least the others should be put together well, I had no problems with that so far

Everyone on my raid use grudge (except support ofc), curse doll and kbw if they have or a good dps engraving, class engraving, good gems and tripods, We can’t see if they know how to play, but I usually check if they have at least a part of the relic set crafted of vykas wings to make a idea if they already played that raid, ofc if i set on the title “reclear” etc

make yoour own group, trust me, it works every time

They’ll always be a DPS to choose over you.

Just how it is. Join a static or make your own to create your experience. Alternatively, keep trying if niether of the earlier options appeal to you.

But its not about roster all the time. It’s just that 90% of the time, someone better is also in the line up.