About Ship Eurus

Hello, I have a lvl 7 Eurus (some day I will raise it to lvl 10) but noticed that compared to the other ships, the Eurus has very low stats and its strong defense against algae is not very useful. The crew of her relic of her (except Narinari) give speed but very little resistance in addition to having very little life and losing a lot in navigation.
The ship + crew seems to have a medium resistance to “low temperatures” and “stormy sea” but it is not enough to be considered a good ship.
Conclusion: I use this ship because I like it but I would like it to be more balanced with respect to the other ships (more resistant crew members, some with skill, resistance of the ship in general, etc).
I still don’t have Narinari

I would suggest getting Estoque to a higher lvl and getting Eiberns Wound. Astray is a big grind but if youre up get Astray.

Estoque is good allrounder, ebens is strictly for dead seas/ghost ship, astray is expensive faster estoque, but afaik with lesser resistances

They should just let us pick a ship and use any other ship we own as a ship transmog.