About skins and cosmetic

I’ve read they are very limited in this game, so my concern is that I might be forced to wear ugly weapon and armor in endgame if I don’t swipe, and even if I do, there will be very limited option, how does it actually work in lost ark?

There are new avatars (skins) monthly in Korea. Tons of options. Don’t like it? Wait a month for the next fashion show. They aren’t limited at all. Right now they are but you’ll see more options on Friday.

If they follow KR, you will see 1 or 2 real skins and tons of suits, swimsuits or some kawaii shit.
Koreans love fight demons with suits they have style.
But i believe in AGS about that, their westernization nearly perfect. And i forgive them for all of their faults because they added real beards to the game. So just believe.

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The monetization model of this game is swipe to look good. They provide you 100% free experience to play. If you want to look good at end game least you can do is pay for 1 skin one time. Its not like you’re paying 15 bucks a month like for wow.

Its hard to get sympathy when youre on forums of a completely free to play game complaining about the lack of visuals unless you buy something and how limited your options are.

If you want amazing skins from raiding then you have to pay subscription like wow.

The developer cannot afford to bring you a multi million dollar game only for you to spend absolutely nothing at all. Or if you choose not to spend at the very least just enjoy the game and don’t complain about not getting the steak and shrimp when they gave you an all you can eat buffet of pizza and burgers and tacos.

I think you have misread what I said, I said

For example, I want to main gunlancer, but many of his weapon looks bulky and blunt. Now it’s personal preference, but I want to know if I have the option to get better looking weapons and armor not necessarily from the cash store. Because based on what I gathered, the game doesn’t have a transmog/ glamour system where you can use one gear’s appearance on another piece of gear.

Yep, guilty, misread it.

I watch a Korean veteran streamer and he did say there are “events” that are held and that they will drop free avatars.

Also be aware, that the avatars do provide small benefits to your stats. Nothing P2W, but they do exist. So, you might want to pick up the free ones that are available for the events.

I did not mis read what you said. I understood it and countered with the argument that the game has no purchase price, no subscription fee and tons of good content.

Their incentive for players to buy things is the skin system and mounts. It is what it is. They cannot offer amazing ways in game to transmog for free otherwise who would buy? They have to have a suatainable business model not to just operate but keep bringing amazing updates

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Perhaps you could have just gave a simple Yes to my original question that I will have to wear ugly weapon and armor if I don’t intend to swipe.

:laughing: yes you will have to look ugly sorry