About soul harvest for express pass

Hello! so, i claimed my express pass with my main ( not mistake ) but i dont want at all to waste my entries for Vertus or Calventus at 1390 gear score. Is it possible to fix this thing like chaos dungeon? Even if i create a new character right now it’s useless to do T1 guardians because i can reach T2 in one click and T3 in some hours.

No, its not, you do the t2 content for the express rewards, or you dont get them

I mean you are 100% correct. And i know the t2 content needs to be done in order to receive the rewards, I just find it amusing you responded purely to get a reaction and failed to respond to the correct content the OP was referring to.

No one was trying to get a reaction, he asked if he can cheese the rewards missions, you cant on g raids.

ok, but this is useless in my opinion… right now it’s easy to hit T3 dont you agree? So why a T2 needs to do Vertus or the others if he is at 1100 or 1302? where is the point? just an example why i need to do Alberhastic if i hit 1330? why i need to waste my 2 entries for T2 guardian?

So take advantage of it. Nobody is forcing you to do it.