About spending money and switching servers

First of all - thank you for your hard work to let us play this amazing game! Thank you for trying to make everyone happy with receiving second founders packs, twitch drops and giving away the extra mount and crystalline auras to everyone. I am aware of it.

Nevertheless there are some points in regard of investing real money that are making me sad and, at the moment, letting me regret that i have invested in it. I know it’s not only myself but a LOT of other players that expierienced the same disappointment and have the same feelings right now. Many posts in forums, twitter and reddit have already mentioned this topic and probably you’re aware of it but i feel to do the same.

Like many other players i started playing on early access with a gold founders pack on eu central and many friends. After offical release i bought the starter pack as well, i claimed twich rewards and the terpeion mount. My friends and i played a lot and reached late t2 relativly soon. After the release of eu west, none of us wanted to switch because of all the time effort (and money) we invested on eu central. So i claimed and used my two founder packs as well.
Since queue times and matchmaking sadly didnt got any better, more and more of my friends were forced to switch to eu west since otherwise they wouldnt have any time window to play at all. This forced me to switch my region as well ('cause who wants to play a mmo without his community?!) :wink:

Now i’m here on eu west, spended 115€ into this game and don’t have any value of it. (I even cant spend more money if i would like to, to get a second starter pack since its available only once per account. :’))

I am aware of the difficulties you have with implementing character transfers. But i hope there are other opportunities you could consider implementing to create a fair environment for us players. I love to support games by buying skins or the like. But its just not fair if we cant get accesses to it because some circumstances have changed.
(I also never played a game before where something like this is the case.)

So if there is any chance, please make cosmetic contents accountwide. Let us have fun with it - anytime and anywhere. especially in a case where we are investing our money.
At least give us an opportunity to redecide on which roaster we want our items. If theres no other chance, i would even delete my roaster which holds all those bought items so i can claim them where i play now.

I know there are a lot of bigger issues you’re working on right now and thats totally fine. But because of the invest of money your community deserves a feedback and a solution on this whole topic. If the implementation of it needs weeks, months or a year i’m totally fine with it as long as i know you’re taking this issue serious and will work on a fair solution.

Thank you for reading.


you will just get the same generic bs copy pasta as many before you. Let me tell you, they lie.

I have a similiar post and there were many allready. See for yourself:

The thing is, in this thread I link a thread from german forum where a player explains, he got a 3rd founders pack out of nowhere and a cm even answers „you can keep it no worries“. Absolutely ridiculous.

They lie straight to our faces, it is absolutely possible to give out Founders Packs an additional time on other Servers, just like the twitch drops. They are just refusing, cause no Fs given.

My friends and I are in the same situation as you btw, did exactly the same. Just as many other thousands.

Here the link to the german thread as reference:

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imagine giving players what they paid for, what a life that would be.

Give out another set of founder packs for people that moved - you gave out founder packs to early before all this server issue bullshit happened, then people moved, u spent weeks to fix your shit and people played a lot again and build up from scratch because you forced them to. You are able to give twitch drops again ONLY on EU WEST - now we demand founders packs ONLY ON EU WEST - I’m sure it’s possible you are just lazy af.

You should have given out the founder packs ONLY on EU West, people that are still on central got double their money worth and we on EU west are fucked, you ripped us off.

This is devastigating

same for starter packs since you’re even not able to return them

they show that they can easily track who redeemed what and where, so make it happen for founders packs, whats the issue? see it as compensation for EU West players that started from 0 after investing 2 weeks and 100+ hours.

At least give us the title scroll and the pet! We are Heroic Founders after all!

Thats not enough, i would habe never paied 50€ for that ;D

And now i’ll also miss 1 (!) day to get the 20 day login rewards on eu west. But hey - at least i claimed them on central a week ago… It’s a joke ;D