About the Abyssal Trials

Yea is there a reason as to why we are getting Guardians Trials in May but not the Abyssal Trials?

For the same reason we haven’t got Trials from day 1. It’s actually challenging content that require atleast 3/3/3 maxed engravings, and people are still in t1 figuring shit out. Give it a time, it will come when people are ready for it.

wdym? they’re just abyss dungeons but with normalized gear

thats what he is saying, engravings and gems are the main thing that will matter, in other regions this type of content is being heavily gatekept by those factors and it would most likely just turn into an unpleasant experience since not enough people have well set-up builds yet, at least thats the main argument afaik

imo they could release anytime and i’d rather deal with the issue of having a rough time finding people that are geared properly to do it with and take a few more attempts than if people were at a later stage in the game instead of missing that type of content but yea… i can see their points

From my experience in RU, engravings not so much. Most gatekeepers look for the roster level to check if the person actually has done the dungeon at least; an “experience check” for the lack of better word

Is it a daily or weekly ? Also character or roster ?

Because Abyss trials werent released until later in KR.
Guardian trial came first.

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Its a weekly. Materials are character bound.

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