About the current queue issues, I have a suggestion

I was wandering the other day about how to fix the current status of the servers if we take in consideration how limited these are and a doubt assaulted me:

¿Is it possible to sub-divide the servers in more servers? Let me put it plain, currently we have the servers by default, with 70K slots each (iirc), instead of doing that, make the server subdivive in other 5 more servers based on the channel you are, for example, Zinnervale channels 1 to 10 would be server 1, channels 11 to 20 would be server 2 and onwards, giving a total of 350K slots and, in case you need more, you can keep escalating.

So, i’d like to ask to the devs, is it possible to create a structure of this kind to reduce the queue situation?

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Good idea , but i don’t know the structure of the game, @Roxx any input?

It is a good suggestion to thoroughly read all related posts released by Roxx and Amazon on this topic before making more of these suggestions.

The region itself has capacity. That capacity has been filled. Doesn’t matter if you subdivide the servers into 5 or 50, it is not feasible as the region itself cannot support more.