About the Founder's Pack: Huge Problem

Hello guys.
Recently i made a post about the Founder’s Pack (At least make Founder's Pack Cat account bound) I got in contact with the Amazon Customer Service and they sent my issue to the Technical Team of Lost Ark in form of a ticket and I waited for their response via email. This is the following response from the Technical Team:

“Unfortunately, currently we don’t have a way to transfer players manually on a different server.
Also we are not refunding Founder’s pack once redeemed or transfer it on a different character.”

So, if you guys are hopeful of some solution for your problems (Full Servers, Bugged Servers Selection, Language Barriers) and lost your money on Founder’s Pack, i have bad news for you: AGS won’t do anything, at least not right now, so I would not recommend you delete the character that you opened your Pack.