About the free powerpass

Hello there.

I’m currently playing a lvl50 paladin that just begun the Arthetine’s arc. But i’m thinking of switching to my artillerist (lvl 29, just begun east Luttera).
I know that later in main quest i unlock powerpass and get a full gear set.
Question is would it be faster/better to grind my artillerist and go past my paladin or stick to him and use the powerpass on the artillerist ?

Thank for your advise.

Since it’s 29 level already and things get kinda faster after 40 level I wouldn’t waste my powerpass if I were you. Just level artillerist regular way and save powerpass for future 2 classes. Then you will have 4 chars at 50 level in a sec :slight_smile:
If you don’t mind spending powerpass on a 29 level char at all, it’ll be faster to complete main stories only at paladin till you receive powerpass and boost artillerist asap with it.

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