About the latest ban wave, and rmters. possible ban list for rmters?

It’s good to see another ban wave, even tho it should be something normal… and im sure some rmters have been caught aswell in the process, But… why not putting a list of the banned rmters accounts like other pay to win games do? Cheating should be punished more than how it is currently from what i know and it’s fair that they are known to the public, us legit paying customers.

What would seeing a stranger’s account name do for you?

It isn’t going to be a character name you’d recognize that’s for sure.

Lost Ark is made so there’s not one ‘account name’ with multiple character names. At least not that we’re allowed to see as players.

EDIT: I’d like numbers but there’s no ‘name’ to be given here. Not that would mean anything to other players.

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This is not something we’ll ever be doing, as we don’t want to encourage witch hunts for players. It would be super unfortunate if two players shared similar usernames, or a false positive happened, and we actively turned players against those folks. It’s just not worth putting an extra risky penalty on players who are already being actioned against.


How about weeky posting how many RMTers were banned? Many of us know RMTers and it feels as if you are not really doing anything despite saying otherwise. That feeling is what pushes more people to RMT because they feel stupid everyone they know gets away with it.


This is good.

But you know peoples mindset on forums… If they tell us weekly how many RMTers were banned, without showing us an actual list of them, people won’t believe it. A list with names as a proof is the only way to make people really believe it.

I completely agree with you. Finally, someone with some brains.

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At least say how many RMT players you are banning, just like you guys do with bots

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@Roxx this is a good idea, if you can’t share names due to name and shame policy, how about sharing statistics of how many bots/RMT/other violations are banned on each banwaves.

To simply put it example:

This week 200,460 accounts were permanently suspended, of which 92% were bot accounts, 6% Players involved in RMT, and 2% other violations.

This will give the community a peace of mind and actually encourage everyone to remain positive as they Will all feel actual work/banning is happening in the background, rather than just saying we issued a ban way.

I all comes down to wording.



What I need to do to see some of the RMT players banned? I personally know a few who brags about millions they bought yet even after reporting some of them I still see no actions against them.
I believe it’s not only me. Tbh I feel like actions against RMT is not as big as it should be.

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200k bots are gone but I see no changes in the AH in terms of prices.
Blue Crystal prices are even increasing: EUC 3000k+.

The new red mats increased a bit in price. Blue and leaps are the same.
So, did that ban really happen or did the chinese botfarmers went to a new game which release is extremely soon?

It is so hard to use google? It takes not even five minutes to find out that they are banning RMT already since months.

im not talking about myself lmao
i know they are banning RMT’s and i support the idea of showing some ban statistics or even names attached to the numbers.

Why so you Need names of random ppl around the world WHO bought gold for Money.
Tell me one Advantage

Those peoples are sensation seekers. They are also profile sniffers, making screenshots and share them in whole discord to blame people with better gear or higher ilvl. And this in a game which is based on PvE. (Means, peoples gear progression does not impact your own gameplay, in worse case you get carried). Believe me you don’t want to have such people as neighbor.

But if a false ban happens, they come crying into the forums where everyone will point his fingers at you and will call you RMT. (no matter if you are guilty or not)

That is just extra work and obviously @Roxx is unable to do so. They barely have a team to begin with. They probably have the number needed to fill in the team spots, that doesn’t mean they actually do their job properly. DCs still at the top, bots coming back in less than a week and so on, theyre just going to continue the cycle.

I dont see anything bad about it, I personally didn’t even understand the point of a ban list in other games, like Nikke for exemple a gacha mobile game, untill not long ago. I sporadically play it and as a normal player i never bothered to even open the ban list, even if every time i logged in i got pop up message asking if I wanted to view it or not. As i said I really didn’t even understand it. But i start to get it now, it’s just an extra deterrent and works a bit as preventive measure… none is doing a witch hunt. It’s just fair for legit paying customers to know there is a list of the people who cheated and got banned. None unless one is a fanatic is going to check them i think… To extreme problems, extreme measures. Anyway sure, if this is how AGS sees it… nevermind.

It’s just an extra deterrent, I never understood the point of these ban lists i saw in other games, untill now basically. I personally wouldn’t check them and im sure most of the players are not checking them, but to know there is one is one more step to prevent people from buying gold illegally.

just copypasting my other reply, since you’re legit asking the same question @PowPowtia @woj.szuba

It’s just an extra deterrent, I never understood the point of these ban lists i saw in other games, untill now basically. I personally wouldn’t check them and im sure most of the players are not checking them, but to know there is one is one more step to prevent people from buying gold illegally.

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Bot issue and DC issues are primarily SmileGate responsibility, they are the game developers and are responsible for developing and implementing features and methods for anticheat/bot detection as well as developing patches to fix/improve current issues like all the DC we are still suffering from.

AGS is sure to be blamed for a lot of things but when it comes to the game development aspect, that responsibility falls on SG shoulders.