About the new Express Pass

So apparently the new express pass is for 1302 ilvl characters. Am I the only one who thinks this might be a big mistake? Some friends picked up the game recently and I was hoping they would get some help catching up with the express pass. Content from tiers 1 & 2 is pretty bad at the moment due to the difficulty making decent groups for guardian raids, and abyssal dungeons are not a challenge either as they constantly get matched with people doing card runs and one-shotting the dungeons.


the express pass is designed for loyal players to have an easy alter in 1370, it is not designed for those who left, nor for new players.
amazon decision

seriously, another post about this topic? Man i cant even count how many topics are out there with the same thing :expressionless:

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Just use power pass to get your character to 1302?

Well yea currently starting new is asking a lot.
I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone not very bored already.

It is hinted they don’t really want to draw new people in yet before bots are less of a problem.
It might be a long time before they even care to draw new people in.
And when that time comes there is a need for pass/event aimed at new people.

It required your roster to have already completed Punika on another character to unlock this power pass.

*Provide convenience for bots

Do you think it’s a good idea to completely abandon aiding new players and see the player numbers dwindle just because they’re incapable of dealing with bots?

Apparently Lost Ark is not getting many new players atm and they are more focused on bringing people who left back + give some cool stuff to the active ones.

A bit sad they’re not trying to grab & encourage new players in summer season, but ok I guess