About the platinum exclusive mount Cerberus

To be honest, the only thing I’m really interested in from the Platinum founder’s pack is the Cerberus mount. So, before spending $100 just for a single mount, I wonder if that Cerberus mount will be available for purchase separately in the shop later.

What do you guys think?

Are there any players here from Korea or Russia that know if the founder mount from their regions was available for purchase after launch?

I’ve seen many videos on Youtube about mounts in different regions but Cerberus is in none of them yet.

It’s safe to say this won’t be attainable other than getting it by being a founder.

That’s what it says but in-game the mount also says “tradeable” which makes me think there will be some players selling the mount on the auction house. I rather buy it from the game directly.

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typically they are tied to founders packs in most games so once they are gone thats it. typically its not like say expac pre purchase items where they may reskin the mounts but only game i’ve played that has done that and can confirm is WoW which has lately been selling reskinned/same mount found in Collectors edition expansion purchases from long ago via cash shop. the reskinned ones are just same mount but different color.

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Oh wow, I didn’t know it was tradable. They’ll probably be ridiculously expensive if people hold onto them for awhile.

Tradeable but not sellable :roll_eyes:

I’ve also seen that some of the exclusive platinum skins are on sale in the cash shop but in different colors so is totally possible. I guess I will need to hunt the color I want on the shop or simply buy the platinum pack to get the option lol. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for joining the discussion LuKi, very helpful.

i think those are the skins from the founders pack that you must choose 1 out of 3 color variants. mostly for collecting purposes i’d assume. they do give stats btw but idk if the stats are really anything major or how those really work in terms of skin wise so i can’t speak on that part.

i only unlocked the 1 box from platinum that gives set skin but it has 2 boxes that give skins the other i still have yet to unlock but it does give 3 varients i can choose only 1 of according to the tool tip when i hover over the box in my inventory. same with the pet and mount box. same petss just different colors pretty much

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I would need to know more about that, if you open your second box let us know the options you got to select from.

didn’t open it yet but going to soon but im looking it up and it states that only platinum i think gets the skins and the only difference of the 3 is 2 are for males only both same set but 1 is like redish the other is whitish/blue but otherwise same design. the last one i think is female only. seems to only be a armor set as well contains no weapons.

the one i did open is class specific and contains no color varients but that for sure if i am not mistaken is platinum only the Lawmaker one i think is gold and platinum only

so i followed that went for the white one. which it stated was A. picked A and ironically i got a weapon o.O" i didn’t even know these had weapons. not entirely sure wth is going on though. my assumption is either it’s bugged? or if you don’t get the armor you get the weapon instead. this is with the platinum pack btw. i do not see anyone in game with the lawmaker set otherwise but i think i’ve seen 1 person with the sword as well not sure if intentional or what.

That’s what the skins say, too, and yet they sell other colors of them in the shop (paladin for instance, blue platinum skin is for sale; only the white color is exclusive). So I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if nothing’s truly exclusive in the end regarding variants. Definitely not safe to say.

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