About the "Super express mission" event


Made a mistake and choose my main char for this event and not an alt. Can I change that pls ?



Yeah, I found the preview of the rewards EXTREMELY misleading as it didn’t show T1 & T2 mats being the main aspect of rewards, I am going to make my own forum post regarding this too because I would love to smash an alt up using this event.


I posted this on another thread already, but more voices don’t hurt.

I have the same issue. Obviously it was my mistake and own stupidity because i didn’t read all patch notes yet, BUT from the preview it looked to me like the super express event was meant to be for your T3 characters, thus i chose my main char for it.
I haven’t claimed any rewards after i saw all the materials you get are T1 and bind when obtained. is there a way to undo this? So i can choose my T1 character for completion? I and lots of other players would be very greatful (the main issue is that the preview does look like it’s meant to be for T3 !)

character name: Lamyia
Server: EU Central Nineveh


is it only a one time thing? or can you accept it with every char?

only on one char and materials are bound to char unfortunately :frowning:

1 time thing, do NOT accept on main character unless you literally have 0 intentions of doing an alt between now and the end of June.

It is clear that the fault is ours for not reading the patch notes, but I am with the colleague above, in the event the tier of the objects that they give in the event is not well specified, it is fine for the people who have confused us be able to rectify as long as no materials have been claimed


I don’t think amazon is capable of doing anything like that.


yes, i agree here. It was kinda missleading and according to the notes, you are not even able to claim it with a high Tier char. Looking through the forums it seems a lot of people ran into the same problem.


Yes I mistakenly did it on my main character as well…

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Is that reading the patch notes now put for characters below 1000, in that case they should have disabled the option to give it to a character of 1300 knowing that we are monkeys that we are going to mess up xD


xD well , i am a monkey then
but you shouldn’t be mislead if you don’t read patch notes. Some people want to get surprised when they log in

I know it is stil my own fault :frowning: but I would HUGELY APPRECIATE if they could do something, esp. if you haven’t claimed anything yet


No - the fault is Amazon’s for allowing you to take the quest with a T3 character AND only displaying in-game that the only tier specific rewards are T3 before you make a choice.


"This new event will allow players to select one of their characters at combat level 50 that’s under item level 1000 to do “Express Missions”. " - These are the patchnotes everyone is referring to?


Yea this was so confuessing also made the misstake of taking it on my main. I dont know why they dont let us look at the event before picking. Just poping it up on the screen at loggin and showing only t3 rewards. Ofc im gona take it on main if its t3 items


If I fully understand you, the same thing happened to me, I haven’t read the notes either and I screwed up, it would be nice if they backed down and let us select a character again, but it doesn’t really look


Why do you keep referring the patch notes as they literally stated that it will be usable only for characters under item level 1000 - clearly not the case.


can you put a joint ticket? maybe that way they let us select again

Just do the event roster-wide and 1-time-claim rewards. And then it will fix all problems


What? Are you trying to say they can complete it and then do it again on a different character?