About the upcoming class after Arcana @AGS


im here rarely but i feel like this is an issue we should mention before we get another destroyer disaster on our hands.

ages ago you confirmed that we arent getting passes and hyper expresses for every character but only every 2nd character.

Please confirm the next character together with the upcoming Arcana patch so people CAN plan their pass usage based on their interest of the next character.
I know that depending on the next character after arcana ill have to save it, but i also wouldnt wanna wait weeks after the passes drop to find out.

small rant venting not about the next character but schedule in general:
i still dont agree with what ever boomer that has no idea about publishing an already old game made the decision to treat classes as content and only releasing them every 2 months literally screwing over people that have been waiting for their actual mains, some of which will be almost a year away (making switching to them increasingly difficult as every week goes on) i thought the plan was gonna be to catch up to KR asap but with this schedule we wont be caught up on characters alone for another 2 years from now. people know all the upcoming content. assuming this persists we get the newly added aeromancer in almost exactly a year and the third support (artist) by like march 2023… its very disheartening. if my main wasnt already in the game id have quit months ago instead of accumulating 1500 hours. classes are everything in this game. they make or break your experience. i made all classes but 4 to test them out and non come close to my main in fun and it sucks seeing people having to wait for up to a year after release…



I think they will.

They already said they wanna talk about it “before” August, and patch is coming 20th, so maybe we will have the information just before the patch arrives, hope we will :slight_smile:

@Roxx , getting some light here.
I would really love to to know before the patch which class are we getting next so I can plan ahead with the powerpass or express event.

I would be really mad if I use my pass and suddenly my long awaited class is announced as the next one without a pass.

There’s no point in saving the Punika nor Hyper Express passes/events because they stated in one of Today’s official posts that they will be “limited time events” and “No other Advanced Classes will release while these events are active”. So these events will expire before the next class release, forcing you to use them on existing classes including Arcana.

Source: Lost Ark Academy - Arcanist - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG. (Under “Leveling Up & Looking Ahead”)


just looked at it. thats interesting and totally the opposite of what they claimed. wonder if that means we get those passes with every char.

Likely! And they will change with each new char based on the avg progression of the entire playerbase. So for instance, with the next class we may get the 1415 boost. With Painter we may get the 1460 boost (which is highest atm on KR).