About the Yoz's Jar Removal

About Yoz’s Jar

Completely removing the skins was not the solution here. Making it less of a casino would have been the right thing. Give players cloth and jars regularly through daily log in, events, Ark Pass, or literally any other way.

Just because the feedback you received about them was negative does not mean the community entire was upset about them. If someone is upset about a feature they are sure to voice their opinion, but if someone is happy about an upcoming feature, most of the time that player doesn’t say anything.

I feel like your going to lose more players over not having these than you would have if they were in game. Cosmetics are important to people, especially in games like this, and removing some of the best looking ones to date just puts a sour taste to it.

You mention in the update that: “They provide a small (1% and 2% Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence, respectively) attack power increase. :boom:Every advantage is critical as players engage in Lost Ark’s challenging activities :boom:, like the newly introduced Legion Raids. We didn’t want players to feel that the skins found in Yoz’s Jar were necessary for gameplay, :boom:especially if gated by a significant monetary or in-game currency barrier :boom:, which is why we’ve decided to remove Yoz’s Jar and the skins from the Wrath of the Covetous Legion Update.”

All of these concepts exists in the game already:

You can buy gold to then purchase honing mats.

You can buy card packs in the shop in order to get the card sets that increase damage by significant amount. Royal Crystals > Gold > Blue Crystals > Card Packs

You can buy gold to get LV 10 Gems on the market (more than a 2% damage increase).

Pay to win exists in the game already and removing this system does not diminish that.


I agree. But I also think the people crying about it being pay to win are just jealous of people who can afford the skins. Like you said this game is inherently pay to win.


Yozs jar being removed is a good thing because it means they will not be selling us these skins through a lootbox. Down the line they may sell it to us and when they do it won’t be a gambling shit show.

I get that people are upset we don’t get these skins immediately, but try to see the good side here. One less gambling mechanic will be in our version of the game!


They stated that they have no plans to add the skins right now.

But they also said that this is something they want to revisit.

100% agree xd

i want to become the president, just no plan at this time


It’s sad to lose the skins, but the Yoz Jar had no place in this game. It’s a garbage predatory system and honestly KR/RU should be fighting to have it removed there over us trying to defend it.

Let these systems get hard stopped in more games and perhaps we’ll see less Diablo Immortals in the future.


they couldn’t see your point bro. all they can see is that % number. so there’s no point showing them the other side.

Nah it’s just good looking and some disposable income and no care for the poor without self control. I like the ethical ingredient here but I don’t really think developers care enough or are able to design a happy for all system

only 2 possibilities after this removal, 1. they changed stats or make it easier to get them, this way they just become normal skins, owning them wont feeling special anymore.
2. they bring it back in the future with no changes, then people crying now will cry more, ags will “remove” them again

just freaking delete them forever plz ags, what a soft company

This is my take on this:

  1. Release Yoz’s Jar as is but increase the legendary chance from 10% to 20%(or however high they want as long as it’s at a better rate yet still take a bit to get).
  2. Remove the entire rng system. Make it so we can select which pieces of outfit from the Yoz’s Jar we want with a 100% guaranteed chance but just increase the cloth cost of things.

This will also have to be rolled out to every other region, esp KR, as it can’t be only for NA/EU if they actually do make any of these changes.

No, don’t put it in Hell Mode, that’s despair and even less people will have access to it due to the fact that only a small percentage will clear it.
No, it will most likely not be put in the shop for a flat price. SG won’t do it unless they change it for KR as well and the other regions. This is extreme copium take but you never know.

3 they will never come back

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That’s impossible in the foreseeable future. If they would do that they’d also have to change it in other regions which they won’t for obvious reasons. It looks like we’ll just don’t get the gamble p2w rmt boxes at all rather than an adjustment which really sucks because even f2p players can cheaply buy the epic skins from the ah while an avg of 105k gold to buy the full leg set from tp also isn’t impossible. With a solid 6 char roster you should be getting that gold in 1-2 weeks of not honing too much

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XD touch grass

I think everyone’s just being doomers. I predict we will get the skins eventually.

they could have certainly implemented some alternatives honestly. but i dont give a fuck. the less of these rng garbage systems out there the better.

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I do want the legendary skin for Arcana. That looks so good tho. What a loss.

They didn’t even hide it, which I actually appreciate. they told us it’s never. “No plan on when to revisit”