About toxicity and cursed doll

I don’t Understand when someone in the server opens a debate about honing system, the first thing players check is the engraving and start making fun of the " Cursed Doll" being level 2 or even 1, especially from those who are 1440+, duh why would players interfere with other’s builds if they only express their feelings?

Because leaving Cursed Doll at lvl 1 or 2 is just a dumb, terrible idea. Either have it at lvl 3 or don’t use it at all until you can.


Oh well… it’s because the penalty you get from level 1, 2 and 3 is all the same.
That is why going level 3 is the most efficient and beneficial. :slight_smile:

What the above said.

The engraving is only good at level 3… Same with grudge.

If you can only have level 1-2… use something else.

The negatives for level1 are the same as level 3 without the upside