About weekend adventure island rewards being claimable only once

This has been posted many times here already but last week adventure islands could only be claimed once. Normally you should be able to claim adventure islands twice. After monitoring this forum for a official response since saturday there were no comments acknowleding the issue. İn just a few minutes ago patch notes for tomorrows weekly update is released. There was no mention of adventure island situation in bug fixes. I do want information about this issue. İ am inclined to believe this is a bug but no response worries me. İ do not want another weekend where we miss two rewards from adventure islands.


Yes we need an asnwer!

btw, today again claimable only once

Yeah, been like this for a while now, and I don’t really see people talking about it. Hopefully it’s an easy fix whenever it gets acknowledged.

3 weekends passed and still no statement
I figure only ppl who’ve played in other versions (KR/RU/JP) know it’s meant to have 2 claims for weekends and newer players didn’t notice this

I spoke with someone from amazon about this and they said they are aware of this and would look into this. It’s been almost 2 weeks however and enough hotfixes/patches have passed. I don’t think they care anymore.