About Witcher event

So I finished this even island yesterday, didn’t really pay attention to rewards except for some time limited potions and stickers.
So do I have any reason to go back to island and do some more dailies? I know there are some cards included with event, how I get them all?

5 days. U only need to get there 5 days in a row and u got everything. Thats all. A bit lame for january but other months, it will be the same feeling on content ^^

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If you have support a witcher card set is currently the best set if you dont have lost cliff 30

Can I go on 5 diff char same day? or is it roster wide?

I only did it on my main

I would assume your alts would start exact same path anyway.

So just do ut on your main quest takes like 10min per day

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It’s just another repetitive Lost Ark thing to do…

When I 1st completed the Witcher (1st day), I said to myself “That’s it”? I was VERY disappointed.

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Lost Ark have really low effort events, they could’ve slapped a witcher monster in a guardian raid that dropped tokens to use in a weekly shop.


Imagen… witcher event with out a monter fight lol…
They could add a Monster Fight like guardien raid… or a solo dungeon.

Well… I just remember the Witcher cross over from Monster Hunter World.