Above item level damage scaling

I never really paid attention to this but I just ran t3 normal boss rush at 1520 and I’m not one shotting unless I hit a big crit (I still get them pretty low if I don’t). Shouldn’t even my most weakest skill be able to one shot them? My numbers seem to be the less compared to at ilvl content which doesn’t make sense to me.

You can just science that for yourself:

-How much do your skill usually hit?
-How much do they hit inside BR?

→ Whatever result you get is the answer

it really depends on your class


Class specific nervs inside BR?


Why would it depend on class? I’m over 200 ilvls above normal boss rush.

Item level isnt everything. some classes are stronger. also depends on wep level, gems, tripods. Look at the health bar of the bosses, if your attack doesnt normally do more than that then you obvs wont one shot it. I one shot some bosses even on my 1460’s that are geared properly

So what you’re saying is, there’s no increased damage due to being higher ilvl assuming everything is +13 brel relic, lv 7 gems and level 5 tripods. If one my skills usually does 10m at ilvl raids for example but the boss has 11m at 1302, I can only do 10m?


Why would they buff you just because you are over ilvl?
If anything they should scale you down to entry ilvl :wink:

Dmg numbers in boss rush are exactly the same as everywhere else wheres no scale of balance


You might do a bit less in boss rush compared to raids if you are soloing the boss rush, as opposed to having a support & yearning in raids

But yeah this is basically it and also depends on class, for example my two Lopang slaves Zerker and Arcana, both 1375 but the Arcana can “one shot” the early waves (with 4 card stacks) but my Berserker can’t, because their skills are so different

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check your build when you go in, i have 12 classes 1475+ who all 1 shot with every dps/sub dps skill, it’s not a class diff, my 1475 EO soulfist without any hype level, and without dominion activated 1 shots

in what boss rush normal a boss has 10 million hp ?

if you do a bossrush alone they have about 2,5 million hp , if you do it with 4 people it scales times 4 means about 10 million hp

soif you dont oneshot a 2,5 million hp bossrush boss you have a broken weapon

or just do it like everyone except supports… do it solo.,…

Hp scales with waves.

That said, u sure u going in with right preset?

If you using dominion or nightmare, are yoy ulting start of fight? Most times i forget as they arent big enough counters for me to remember i shoukd ulti to get set bonus.

lmao, whale problems indeed.

There is no downscaling, you do the same damage in endgame legion raids as you do in 1302 boss rushes, the only difference may be not having 4 man synergy and support buffs up. My shadowhunter 1 shots the early wave bosses with a single basic attack

grudge doesn’t work on those bosses

Even my weakest 1460 sharpshooter that’s only 4x3 1 shots the bosses in normal boss rush…how are you not 1 shotting?

1302 boss rush bosses only have ~5 mill hp with 4 people.
1490 boss rush bosses have ~50 mill with 4 people.

there is no scaling it does exactly same number