Absolutely ridiculous. (DC/LOSING TICS/SUPPORT) MARI


I’m from Westserver Mari.

In middle of the hall of sun we get disconnected with the error code that was shown before.

Got no rewards being dc in middle of the dungeon, no completion of the quest.

Reached out to the amazon chat, “oh unfortunate but you will have to suck it up since it’s on going issue and you can grind another week to get that ticket. We won’t roll back your character or compensate in anyway.”

Like what the hell, It was my first ticket since t3 like in 2 weeks.

What’s happening?


I had the same issue in the Dimensional Cube (happened in the second room), what Amazon chat did you reach out to to tell them this. I was looking for a support chat but all I could find is this forum. This seems to be a huge issue on the Mari server and really needs to be addressed by the devs, plus players should get refund.


so if you type lost ark support chat on google, you will see it from the first website on the result.

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The person I talked to gave me this link to a forum post where a dev actually replied saying to post information about what happened in a specific format. Hope this helps