Absurd RNG Fact

I’m level 1487, my last 7 items had %100 artisan energy. My weapon now has +21 and 79% artisan energy. Again, my other item has 77% artisan energy. I’m starting to think something is wrong with this game. I unlocked 500 bad upgrades at level 1330 when i started the game.

Dude something is really wrong with this game @Roxx

I have 2 alts btw
I’ve played in Korea and Russia as well, that’s something different, for sure.

At that level pretty sure there is a high probability chance you pity. It’s not a surprise when each attempt is 2-5%

I think this is too much, I really want to delete the game. I’ve played in Korea and Russia as well, that’s something different, for sure.

it’s normal, 99% failure chance from 21 to 22, that’s why you rarely see anyone 1500+ currently

It’s normal for a weapon, im aware of that. But my last 7 items had 100% energy.

I stop reading there. Good luck or Im sorry to hear

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Yes, 7 pities in a row is painful and unlucky. I knew that 20+ is when things slow down a lot and you pretty much just rely on pity. I hope you get to 1490 before pity if that’s your goal and then i would advise you to wait for the global honing buff to come out, because it will be even more painful forward.

honing anything past +21 is not necessary cause when you transfer gear to Brelzhaza relic gear you get a free +1 ilvl so, +21 → +22 after transfering. that’s what KR players said

my last 4 items were 100% and all of them were 18+ to 19+ which is a 10% chance EACH HONING ATTEMPT. you just cant tell me that 10% didnt procc a single time in over 60 attempts. I agree, theres definitely something rigged in this game

you went with full rank up materials each time to get 10% and still pittied 4 times? oh god, i think am gonna stop at 1460 then :3

tbh any honing after ilvl of the content at the time is for your own pleasure, so don’t hone if u feel like something is wrong or it’s too expensive.

Maybe 1 or 2 more taps on weapon for easier runs but aiming for 1500 when our content caps at 1445(and 1460 soon) atm? Those shouldn’t complain when honing buff/powerpass/event comes to help up to that level in future about how they “wasted their resources”.

i dont know what to say about honing i always had bad luck 100% a lot and last week i +1 4 items with less than 100 leapstones at 1460 then next week i tried 300 and only mad 1 item +1 mmmm i could say its luck

The cost of honing is pity. Anything other than that is very lucky and shouldnt be considered in your calculations to level up when your success rate is that low

He is probably that person who thinks 5% chance means guaranteed success on 20th try :joy:

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this is not even in the slightest how it works

He is wrong but he is right that u miss out on more free IL when you hone past 20/21 when transferring to ancient gear

not ancient but brel relic gear first

Trueee mb

Its +20 relic gear ilvl1490 transfers to become +12 brelshaza gear ilvl 1510.
so like 3.33 ilvl a piece

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I expected this to be about stones lol. Ive always expected to pity and its just bonus if i dont lol…those stones tho