Absurd RNG Fact

It´s Absurd RNG because it´s literally meant to be for Whales that want the +25 Glow or just be Powerfull.

It´s a Fact that you dont even need a +20 Weapon for ANY content rn not even for Vykas when she comes out, so you are basically trying to push for an Ilvl way to high for the content thats out and think your chances are unfair.
It´s really not unfair it´s just a Bonus for Whales so dont even try it if you dont like it, i myself stopped Honing my Weapon at +20 and will do the same for my Armor, if you really wanna spend your materials and get Value get an Alt up to +20 gear to Run Clown/Brelshaza when they come out, gives you more accessories and everything to sell wich also helps your progression on that gear.

oh i see, ty on the correction!

I disagree. Maybe first couple of weeks, you can stay near the minimum ilvl, but you def want to put on at least 15 ilvl above the required ilvl to reduce the stress and make raid go much smoother (easier).

having 15 ilvl above the req level makes any content trivial.

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15ilvl is considered mandatory but going anywhere above 20 or 21 is just flexing. We have the gap between +15 to +20 just to adjust to the comfortability of raid gameplay. But that OP guy is just crying about his choice of going above 21 lol

Yes I agree, I agree my example was dumb haha
What I was trying to say is just that complaining about how hard it is to reach 1500 when our content caps at 1445 is a bit absurd.

a lot of people just wanna have higher item level than others.

also, ilvl gives a sense of progression. many people are willing to spend cash to have that sense of either progression or superiority and that’s how these gacha games make money…

while others feel the sense of progression when they efficiently use their resource and min-max alt farms.

there’s really not 1 way to enjoy the game. anyway, feels bad op has bad luck.


Yup, agreed

20 to +21 is 3% right? You are higher than that but if you pittied this is like complaining of a 97% succes chance the only difference is that the succes in this case is failing.

You have a 97% chance of failing so the rare thing would be to not reach pitty

is this a joke? you reached 1487 without understanding how the system even works? or you one tapped every upgrade till 1487 that the reality hits harder than a truck now?

W8 until you start to work on your weapon quality, you would know what is real absurd.

Nice troll.

1487 with only two alts ? You’re just lucky.

Your pities are well deserved. Enjoy.

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I’m just working hard man, if I had a normal chance everything would be different

18->19 isn’t 10% base chance. It’s 5% and it slowly grows into 10%.

And yes, I can tell you that it failed so many times. It happens. It’s rng.

“Working hard”
You can’t “work hard” in this game without alts because the game simply locks you out of content.

Why do I get the funny feeling you are an infinite chaos botter? lol

On two alts he’s either a botter or got lucky early on with hones and his RNG is catching up. Either way I’m failing to see the problem. RNG is RNG.

“I unlocked 500 bad upgrades at level 1330 when i started the game.”

I’ve never been lucky

Adventure book items and chaos, yep

At least there is pity system, i swear drop for some souls and cards is way more absurd.
That asides, that’s normal pretty sure. And hey at least you got pity really high up? I hit pity all the time for not even 1460

Its 2% Chance i mean sit down :sob:

I’d change some worse honing luck for quality upgrade luck. I’m 50k gold down, have 4 pieces and don’t have a single one over 59 quality.

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