Abundance of negativity from a minority on this forum

Seems like these forums are used more like a place for the most frustrated people to vent, and I’ve read some of the most fried takes ever disguised as ‘feedback’. I just hope these forums isn’t the only place they collect feedback from, especially considering most of the playerbase wouldn’t even visit it.

Also I don’t know how there can be so many issues releasing year(s) old patches for the game, knowing the goal is to catch up to other regions, but I hope everything works out :slightly_smiling_face:

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They banned the one guy posting positive stuff, this place deserves the negativity

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Well that guys posts always stirred the community so I guess they are following their guidelines at least since this community only promotes negativity and hates positivity.

:rofl: basically

This man is playing 5d chess on the forums , i swear to god xD

they should remove the forums entirely. Does more harm than good. Your response speaks to that.

tl;dr: Touch grass

Agreed, no need for all the negativity guys. They are doing their best but they should be able to turn this around easily with content that’s already available or they will lose billions of dollars from people leaving the game because there’s so little content at end game right now. :slight_smile:

You can always roleplay in-game if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, all forms of feedback is valuable when interpreted by professionals.

Not necessarily. LoL closed down their forums and relied on Reddit and other public forums because of how lacking in actual feedback the LoL forums were.

No, they closed their forums because the subreddit was more popular and they had already moved the majority of Rioters over there. Their staff is integrated within the subreddit.

So what you’re saying is they started shifting everyone there because the forums were not a good place for feedback? So what I pretty much said?

Lmao ok Puffco we all know you’re on your alt account haha. Careful or they’ll ban you on this account too.

Btw I’m a big fan keep up the good work.

No, they shifted everyone because the forums sucked and reddit is a better avenue. They shifted because the playerbase shifted.

Not sure how this is rocket science.

What? I’m not understanding… the forums sucked because it was not a good place for feedback is what I’m saying and you’re saying no to that while then saying the forums sucked. This feels like rocket science trying to interpret what you’re saying.

It had literally nothing to do with feedback. The forums just sucked to use for users.
Like, you’re not even trying at this point.

For 10 year old copypaste memes and collecting downvotes from marketers.

There is almost nothing to be positive about.

so you’re hating minorities?

Have fun being limited to text posts and whatever fits home field censorship.