Abusive Bots 24h

This is normal 24h?.

they practically move by jumping.

someone ban this?


I know there are issues but this is persecuted or we just wait for lost Ark to be filled with bots ?


They said they’re currently working on a fix for the bots but cannot release information regarding it to prevent potential circumvention of the implemented security.

However, I have lost a lot of faith in this company. It’s going to take a huge amount of well-thought out decisions on their part and proper community engagement before I spend any more money.

You gave them the faith to begin with, with nothing behind it. Blind faith…that always works out well. I tend to make companies gain faith through actions, then reward them. You seem to have it backwards. Do you also pre-order games? Companies must love you! Do you want to buy this NFT I have?

You realize in every MMO there are bots? This is a f2p game which makes it considerably harder. Stop being so narrow minded. You seem actually clueless.

Stop with that nonsense. Yes, games can have bots but nowhere near this magnitude. LA bots are like a virus with no control, pathetic Easy anti cheat is doing nothing, no GMs banning bots, no auto chat scripts to filter out websites/gold, still waiting on “implementing tools” from the devs…

In all my years of gaming this is as bad as I have ever seen bots, more bots than players.

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Nothing wrong with me wanting a game I enjoy to succeed.

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Yes I do realize this. However, I’ve never seen such a severe amount of bots filling any MMO I’ve played. No need for the personal insults.

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