Abusive Players

It’s great to see that Amazon and Smilegate see the problem of Lost Ark and act on the feedbacks provided by the players. I highly look forward to see the upcoming changes so that players can maintain their interest in the game.
On the other hand, I am disappointed that being such a successful online company as Amazon, you failed to see the other problem that is happening and has been happening since day one in the game. That is the issue of “Abusive Players” acting like “Bullies” towards the new and upcoming players in the game whom are trying their best to learn the mechs and pass the Legion Raids. Needless to say, “Online Bullying” has been an ongoing issue in the world wide web and all nations in the world are facing these problems and some even legislated Laws against such behavior. Yet, in the world of Lost Ark, Amazon continues to permit such behavior to take place day in and day out. I’d seen players calling other players monkeys, idiots, sometimes even profanity was used, just because the players made a mistake and died (not necessary caused a wipe sometimes). My question is does Amazon or Smilegate condone such behavior in Lost Ark or any other games for that matter? If not, why aren’t you doing something about it? This is also the other reason why you are losing players in the game. There is no place on earth that ANYONE should be mistreated that way or be called a monkey or any other names. Behaviors like these cannot be tolerated and regulations should be made where offenders shall be banned from the game permanently.
I believe Amazon and Smilegate are respectful companies and do care about Online Bullying, there is no difference if such behavior took place in a game or in a social media or in a school yard, the end result is the same. I hope you see my point and that you would take up the responsibility and act on it. I am sure you wish to maintain the respect you have as a company as well as taking charge and protect the players in any of your application.

Respectfully yours,
NA West


Report them using the ingame report feature or by using this link:

They do actively suspend players for stuff like that.

Amazon is part of the problem here.

By publishing a game where players have to do 18 legion raids to get gold, each mistake one player make punishes everyone (by taking their most precious resource in the game - time) and thus this design incentives hostility and bullying instead of cooperation.

If you want a solution to that problem it involves revisiting the gold earning dynamic in this game - like restricting gold earning to 1 clear of each raid (with 6 time more gold per clear) and incentive to run multiple times by grating other rewards.


All due respect the homework isn’t what makes people like that, people are like that because they are. You could have people doing homework and any mistakes are not a big deal to them - even those with limited hours in the game.

It is human nature that people are nasty, LA doesn’t create them. Guaranteed if they are nasty in LA they are nasty in other MMOs.

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Bro I agree with you.

I have never encountered a community as disgusting as this one.


I suppose the problem you mentioned will get better if they remove some Legion raids punishing mechanics. Some people simply grew toxic because of some of the punishing mechanics in the game sadly. Doesn’t mean they should get a free pass to be that way ofcourse. People should finally realize that the community should stick together and not work against each other

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Imo we should segregate all the toxic hardcore players in their own server and create a separate server for casuals focused on fun and no 1 shot bad mechs

Where acts? I only see empty promises so far. And it’s not the first time.


A toxic design makes a toxic community.

This game is completely the opposite of FF14. There you can be ressed in combat and the community is the nicest one, here you can wipe the entire raid and the community is the toxic #1.

If SG and AGS intended to create a very niche game, well they did it… but if they inteded this game for the mass… well they got it all wrong


The shadowhunter just stood there in the middle with the yellow meteor sign on him attacking the boss at 37 bar and didn’t even flinch, effectively shitting on the entire raid in 1 second.

Gj smilegate.

I hope the devs will acknowledge this topic

I hope the next road map finally addresses this

If lost ark starts banning abusive players I think they will ban most of their hardcore player base.

Looks like you went out of your wonderland for the 1st time.
Welcome to the internet, enjoy your stay!

the peops in the internet getting soft getting called a monkey or idiot is nothing if u cant handle such small things u shouldnt play online games

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Ahh, I never said I was called but I was just worried about kids being mistreated. From your comment, sounds to me you are one of those that like to abuse others. Well, admin, here’s one of them, loud and clear. Considered him reported, do something!!

Eh I see it pretty frequently. Unfortunately in this context it is more of a racial slur than a generalized insult. They do suspend players for this.

Generally speaking most of the toxicity I witness is in Guardian Raids and I’m not surprised – they are terrible design with some Inferno Mode handicaps, a gentlemen’s agreement on battle item rotations and heavy weight placed on each DPS player performance.

For Legion Raids, “prog” groups are almost always chill because no one expects to clear. They are trying to learn and hope to clear. A prog group that is trying hard would label themselves “shandi/bingo prog” letting you know exactly how far in the prog experience they are.

Veteran groups are clearly labeled “reclear” or “title” and expect every player to be well-experienced with the mechanics of that particular raid.

I understand that new players want to “finish their homework” just like veterans so they can “catch up”. Spending 12 hours in a progression group with very low chances to clear does not seem attractive to the “bus riding” community.

However joining groups you don’t belong in and hoping to get carried as dead weight (literally) doesn’t help you. It might let you earn more gold but it handicaps your ability to play the game, and creates the toxicity that ultimately gets aimed at you.

Riding the bus and swiping to progress through raid content without learning anything is frankly pathetic, frustrating and should not be allowed. Players are rightfully sensitive to the whales who abuse this system and apply to raids they don’t belong in, hoping to learn on the fly.

it’s called “cyber bullying”

jeez, get your terms right!