Abys Dungeon weakly limit fail

I was in a tier 3 abyss dungeon (Oreha Preveza) when the server shutdown/reset happened. Me and my teammates didn’t finish the dungeon because we didn’t have the chance. The system unfortunately counted it and now because of the weekly limit i am not able to try again. Please help me somehow! Thank you

Server: Nineveh
Ig.: Eatmydemon

same issue on argos, and still no answer after 2 hours

Same for my alt. I was doing Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon.
Server : Antares
IGN: Deadlylancelot
Didn’t they say they made a new ticket system for entry tickets lost?

Rushed Lance Master 1370, servers crashed and last boss had 1 bar. Lost my entry count, it locked my gear progression and i lost gold due accessory market is prised on hight atm on Lance Master accessories.

Contacted amazon customer support and they cant give entry tickets. They need better tools. I am just sad. Whole purpose to rush lance is gone, whole week wasted.

Server: Zinnerwale
IGN: Järviäly

yes they made a system for server crashes where you could reenter i hope it is for abyss too

Same issue on oreha with my alt
Server: Zinnervale
Ig: Cocomadena

Please make sure to read the second paragraph

Same issue
Sever: Wei
Ig: Arnax

So where do I file the report?



i lost my entry on my 1370 alt because we had high ping so all my team i assume lost their entry count.

Region : EUC
Server : Trixion
Name : Elfiya

Please, is it reversible ?

@Roxx !!!

Please !

I talked with the support. If you crashed or got dc’d due to server problems (not if your internet died) you’ll get your aura or weekly entry in about 24h or less back.

i see, but not my internet or pc problems :slight_smile:


after 21h nothing

I ve the same problem. Yesterday i was in “Aura’s Oculus (HARD)” and crashed server…

SERVER: Zinnervale
PG: Torinetta

Same here. Nothing. Zero. Niente.
Same dungeon, same problem, no re-entry ticket …

Char: Misosan
Server: Slen

Still nothing, When we are getting entry tickets back from EU server crash.


They won’t give the entry. On Amazon support they reply, sorry we can’t reinforce. So, another week lost due to their technical issues. Sad. Very sad.

I have received, Thank you Sir! :slight_smile: