Abyss dungeon entry consumed upon failed entry

Yesterday I wanted to do the two Oreha abyss dungeons with two friends.
We looked for a fourth player and upon entry it first didn’t take any of us to the dungeon (as it happens sometimes). Just when I wanted to suggest that we remake the group I got the loading screen for the dungeon, neither my friends nor the random got the loading screen however and everyone left the party.

After the timer to wait for additional members timed off, I was outside of the abyss dungeon and my entry was used up. I didn’t receive an entry ticket via the automated system.

I have enough character in T3 that I don’t lose out on any Gold, so the intention is not to be reimbursed. I would like this issue to be made aware of, because this happening on my main in a legion raid or something would be very frustrating and I hope that that bug will be looked into.

Hey there! We appreciate your report.

I understand your concerns regarding the consumed ticket. As you stated they are on an automated system and we are unable to manually provide one.

I apologize for the inconvenience and will forward your sentiment!