Abyss Dungeon Quality of Life

Something I would like to see for Abyss Dungeon would be similar to how you fight Argos. Rather than having to deal with the trash mobs and cut scenes, if you’re highest ilvl character has completed a dungeon X amount of times, then your entire roster has the option to go directly to the boss. I feel like something along those lines would help cut down the amount of time it takes to run through if you have multiple alts.

you want to skip the 1 min of trash fights?

i thing abyss dungeons should have a lot more trash, maybe even more difficult trash but the bosses should be a little quicker.

dungeons without trash and only boss = huardian raid with hp bar and red circles?


I agree with you. I’d like abyss dungeons to be more like super hard normal dungeons

I would disagree as lower tier dungeons don’t really provide any “content”. I don’t believe it should be taking more than 2 min to run those dungeons for a low chance of legendary cards to drop. But I did come from another korean MMO that solely focused on bossing so my opinion is skewed.

Kind of hard to implement without making new players struggle to find others to queue with. Because they can’t queue with players who can just skip to boss.