Abyss Dungeon Raid Penalty

Well done AGS.


Yeah I got this too, am a sad bunny :frowning:

:rofl: this why u dont do abyssal or argos on patch day :rofl:

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Same. I also opened a thread.

Was on the last boss and it was nearly dead that is what I am more annoyed at :smiley:

What are you talking about.

Matchmaking. 1 paladin in both team. Argos almost finished ez.


Gloating over other players misfortune tells more about you than anything else so save your smart comments.

I would try and contact support to see if they can help you guys.

should get a ticket in ingame mail to reset it. usually takes a little time.
think it was half to one hour for me after it happened.


in any case, thanks smilegate RPG, AGS is only the distributor of the game

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Iā€™m hoping. :pray: