Abyss Dungeons Compensation


Can we please have compensation for the NOT working Abyss Dungeons. My group of friends and me tried three days in a row now and we couldn’t enter. Server instability is normal for a “new” launching mmo and you didn’t expect so many players, but still this is insane. We are missing one of the biggest income source of gold, mats and important items; and the Abyss Dungeons are not even stacking like the Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons.
This is unprofessional and absolutely not fair for the majority of players.

How about you can give everyone who tried to enter and failed, to give the rewards of the dungeon. If you can’t track it, just give every player which didnt do it the rewards, or atleast some of it. Literally missing out on one week of rewards.


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If you didn’t do them you will get rest energy. I think max 5 times. You can use this on runs to get double loot/drops.

It is not a complete solution but the game as built in solution for people who miss a few days.

100% need some compensation

“I need compensation for this free thing.”

Never really made much sense for me.
I’d personally prefer an “apology gift”

What are you talking about? There is no “rest bonus” in abyssal dungeons. Either you do them this week or you don’t…

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