Abyss Dung/Guardian Changes and What to Try (Want to Know your Opinion)

First of all apologize for my english.

In my experience, I have found that the biggest difficulty of this type of content is not the dungeon/guardian itself, but the people and lack of guidance, but mainly PEOPLE.

I don’t find this situation normal: "greet everyone, no one answers, ask if someone is their first time / if they know the main mechanics, again no one responds, think at that moment: “okay I’m in Europe, they may not know English, it’s normal we are many countries with different languages…”, minutes later finally being wiped and… finally people TALK!.. only to realize that they start insulting each other in English, telling each other that they are newbies ( + all the insults we all know) to finally disband the group…

The conclusion I came to is: the quality of the people is very bad these days and personally it not only ruins the experience of this type of content but of all social interaction in the game. My best moments in this game have been the abyssal dungeons, when I finally get into a group with PEOPLE, people who respect, who understand that a mistake can happen even if you know the mechanics… just PEOPLE and honestly, after coordinating a bit the bosses are not that difficult and you finish the dungeon with great satisfaction and possibly with 3 new friends!.

Although I have to admit that if it is not for YouTube it is impossible to know some mechanics of the bosses and be wiped, so there is a lack of more guide tools in the game in this regard.

My suggestions?:

  1. To make everyone “happy”, add that nerfed content as “easy” mode and leave the current one as “normal” mode

  2. In the matchmaking, add a filter to search by language so there is a greater possibility of a more fluid communication :).

  3. Add a guide tool inside the game to know the mechanics and/or make tips appear after 2 or 3 wipes on what to do (you don’t need to guide me completely but at least give me a hint, I don’t want to be using YouTube all the time…)

  4. Strong penalty for people who insult, do int, etc… since your goal is also to have a good gaming experience, right (yes, you Amazon Games)? So toxic people think twice or in the best of cases, they don’t play this type of content anymore and so NORMAL people can always do it with respect, patience and coordination.

But I am only one opinion and I would like to know yours and your experiences!

Thanks for reading my post :).

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They don’t need to change the difficulty…They just need to make it easier for people to understand what they need to do. The content itself is very easy if you watch a video about the mechanics. I’ve one shot every thing I’ve done so far in the game.

The problem is not the game, it’s the players.

However, they should probably add a proper section for counter attacks, stagger checks, and weak point destruction in the training area, as well as use of battle items in guardians…and force people to go through it before they can queue for end-game content.

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