Abyss Trade lacks T2 content

There’s only 2 ways to trade gear trough NPC’s in this game (Chaos and Abyss).

One of it, the Abyss, doesn’t have T2 content, only T1 and T3 as you can see bellow:

But you drop Guardian’s Will from the Abyssal Dungeons.
guardians will

Go to Yorn. It’s available there.

The abyss traders have the gear for the content relevant to their zones. If you want tier 2 stuff you’ll have to go to the ones in Yorn or Feiton. Vern is a little weird because it is also a tier 3 zone later.

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It doesn’t make much sense to me to have to travel to a different region.
The NPC “Abyss Trade” should always be the same but ok, if it’s smilegate logic I can’t say no.
Thanks for the info!