Abyss Trade NPCs

Issue I find annoying is that I can’t trade T1 and T2 abyss mats in punika, I’d need to go to feiton or vern just to exchange those, wouldn’t it be possible to have the Abyss Trade NPC exchange for all completed abyss. So if im at T3 map already, I can exchange T1 and T2 easily.


Why would you tho?

Because I run lower abyss for card, and I exchange the abyss currency to accessories then smelt then give to alts.

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Definetely worth improving on.
However, if this is the same in Korea (which I do not have confirmation, but appears to be likely) I don’t really see much hope that this is going to get changed in the future.

You can’t access gear tripods until t3, but there are tripod NPCs in every single major city starting from Luterra.

Why the hell should you not be able to exchange tier 1 abyssal materials in all major cities?

It’s a really dumb over-sight.