Abyssal Dung - Oh where do I start

Abyssal Dungeons major issues.

  • NOT group friendly with casuals. 400-500 Dung levels, failed 13 and completed 1. Not a good ratio.

  • Mechanics are too tight and strict. Break shield with RNG stagger abilities. This is insane. I’ve been in groups with Wind grenades and full Stagger abilities, and we can’t get timers.

  • The 1 Shot mechanics is a thing? If we fail 1 mechanic is a auto wipe. Am I playing Dark Soul? I’m just about ready to put this game up and call it.

Abyssal Dung needs a severe overhaul. I’ve not play an online game that requires so much skill and perfection for starting dungeons on a group finder format. Failure after failure doesn’t bring people in. It takes them finding other games less punishing. This is beyond frustrating.

I’m fine with mechanics, but it seems the 90% i group with fail upon fail upon fail every run. It’s not a forgiving game. Really dont see this lasting long for the West. Real Facts.


Rohendel Abyss Dungeons are just an introduction to the game which gets way more challenging than this.

If you don’t like wiping, learning in this game then it may be not for you. Even if you have overgeared people in your group, you can’t just stomp those bosses because stagger damage isn’t affected by item level. Nor is it not RNG. This simply means your team spent all the cooldowns before stagger checks or you had people dead at that point.

Learn fights and coordinate with people in your group.

Or even better: find a guild / friends and learn together.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Peak NA brain. Refuse to learn and just want everything to conform to our standards so I can have a heightened perception of my own success. How about you learn the game and communicate with your team instead of expecting the game to come easy. Are you here to play Lost Ark or Candy Crush?


100% they’re gonna ask for legion raids nerfs day 1.

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Which RNG stagger abilities are you referring to?
To you decide which abilities to use based on dice roll? What’s the RNG part?

imposible to fail stagger with grenades , 1 whirlwind eats like 25% of the bar (x4 =100) u dont even have to use 4 at the time u can use 1 or 2 , ppl can save the awakening skills for staggers too

abysall dungeons are HARD , i wiped a lot but ppl didnt know mechanics at first , once u know what to do isnt that bad

Abyssal dungeons in my opinion are the best part of lost ark due to the mechanics and difficulty.

Im tired of people on our regions which don’t want to learn but to nerf everything.

abyssal dungeons are fun because you cannot turn your brain off and run through it, change your mindset not the game

I’m glad people like you don’t want to play this game because WoW’s loot pinata easy difficulty in even the hardest content is what made the community toxic to begin with.

Well, what Can I say. They are nerfing said dungdeons and a good amount of other Guardian Raid encounters.

Facts are such; this game is not casual player friendly. Before you ePeen gets all but hurt, you all can go along your hardcore friends and smash content all day/night long.

For the rest of the casuals, this is hurting the game.

It is also obvious that they may not even read this thread but took into account the massive amounts of people quiting/raging/dieing 10s to 100s of times. They have the data and made the right decision to take action.

And side note: The forums are full of Trolls. Enjoy the nerfs boys, Time to put some work in without having to take a break. /cheers

So you’re the reason they’re nerfing abyss dungeons for no reason lol


nah, mostly it is statistics how many people run dungeons and how many are completing it.
I agree with the OP that the completion rate with match making is quite low.

It isn’t about learning mechanics. I can only learn for myself not the 3 others in the group. Maybe you have 3 crazy good players but 1 bad player and he will always wipe the group. Nothing you can do about it. You can explain the mechanic 20 times and tell them what to look for but after 50 tries they still fail. You think that is a good experience for anyone?

Yesterday I did illusion palast or what the 3 abyss dungeons name is. The last boss spawns the 4 swords that cannot be picked up to quickly.
Every single time it was that ONE player that wiped the group. Always did the same even after 20 wipes and explaining. There is absolutely NOTHING you or the other 2 players can do about. Cannot even replace that player. You can just leave and match make again. The chance to get another player that cannot learn seems to be quite high.
And this is T1 content, the third abyss dungeon.

You know, it might be better right now in T3 because I believe players that have reached T3 content are pretty much investing tons of time in the game and probably know the game in and out and are somewhat talented at gaming and maybe even have their perma groups.

Just won’t apply to everyone and thus make group wipe mechanics that 1 player can cause less available would be my suggestion


you suck at the game thats why you ask for this.

From my experience it gets easier the further you get. Mainly because people that get into the habit of doing abyssal dungeons start to understand what they are all about (cooperation/mechanics) and prepare accordingly and are ready to give/receive advice. Abyssal dungeons are perfectly balanced (well, were) as long as every player is either prepared for the mechanics or is open to listen to advice/explanations.

The first round of abyssals might be harder because people are going there with their faceroll experience in the story dungeons where you can run even through hard difficulty without breaking a sweat. I hopped on a T1 alt and it’s not very fun - people not listening, not talking or just straight up not even doing anything.

Best advice would be to either find a good PvE guild that does abyssal runs or use the party finder instead of the matchmaker.