Abyssal dungeon entry bugged

I got kicked out of my dungeon as soon as i entered and it ate my entry ticket.

Name: abyssh
Server: galatur

same thing just happened to me on Una

I see people getting tickets to re enter in mail


As i see a lot of player got the same bug i started the Abyssal Dungeon named : Sea of Indolence and got right back at the city after entering in. It has locked my weekly entrance didn’t get rewards and can’t continue the abyssel dungeon coming after this one.

Nickname : Saulgod - Serv EUC : Calvasus

I Already did a ticket to the amazon game support with the ID : V527448226 (from 3 days ago)
Still waiting for any form of compensation


I’ve come across the same issue. Entered the dungeon and then got kicked during server crash. After rebooting my game it shows I lost my weekly entrance

Serv: Avesta
Nickname: Lagèrtha

Got the same bug, i have no clue where i can find any support to even write a ticket…
but it happened last week, i was instantly thrown out from Alaric’s Sanctuary, and it locked me out - i though, alright just a single clear i can’t benefit from…
now a new week has begun and im STILL locked out?! pls help me with this bug…

Server: Zinnervale
Nickname: Smoother

my count is bugged too i mean i went in hall of the twisted warlord didn’t kill the final boss and i cant enter the next one cus havent kill the last boss in the previous dungeon so i think that its kinda bugged when u can do it once a week and if u dont kill the last boss u cannot repeat the dung so u can unlock the next one u have to also wait a week untill u can do it again which sucks can u fix my count pls