Abyssal Dungeon Entry Gone Thirain

I lost my abyssal dungeon entry due to lag/bug idk.
I know there is nothing too much to do for this but losing 3 dungeon entry realy hurts.
Even if you cant let me do first one, please let me do second and third. I hope everything will be fixed soon.
Server: Thirain
Character: Predcore
Dungeon: Sea Of Indolence

HAHAHAHAHAHA u think they care?

happen to me too today same exactly … this is so anoyying waiting 1 week again 7 days just cos of bugg … i didnot even enter the dungon and weekly count gone

they know about it for 3 days now just see it as wasted

i didnot even enter for 1 secand inside … at least let me see what it is inside then make me lose weekly count … this is super anoyying my char stuck for 1 week … can not do dungons

yes and the support dont care they posted it 12Hours ago they will not reset them i got the same problem :slight_smile: the game is fun or ?

i can not believe this happening and they care nothing …

:angry: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: