Abyssal Dungeon Entry Loss Bug

This bug has existed over and over, and I’m sure there’s several threads on this, but I feel like most people still don’t understand that entries can be consumed if people don’t wait to confirm that all members did NOT join the dungeon.

I’ve lost several orehas and challenge abyssal dungeons, I’m a bit annoyed.

What normally happens in our bugged state:

  • All 4 members did not join the instance
  • All 4 members leave the party
  • Remake, Rejoin, everything is fine.

What happens later that steals your entry:

  • 3 Members did not join the instance
  • 1 Member did.
  • 3 Members think it’s bugged, and leave party without confirming the last person.
  • 4th member enters solo, since there’s no party, gets auto kicked because the game believes that you got vote kicked.
  • Entry is stolen, forever gone gg.

If the opposite happens (3 join, 1 bugged), the 3 can just dungeon vote leave and everything is fine again.

It’s so annoying that this steals your entry. I just lost an abyssal challenge this way.

Hello, I’ve informed the team of entry counts being taken before the instance has properly started. Thank you for reporting.

Encountered this bug today too, quite annoying. >_<

Thank you for letting us know this issue is still floating around, LittleShanks.

Happened to me just a minute ago. Created a room to free carry Orehas. Game delayed when started – after starting, was stuck in the loading screen. After loading screen, I was back to where I was originally standing except now I lost my entrance ticket.

No entrance ticket in the mail either. Not cool.

From the Person that experiences the Bug it looks like its working until the loading Screen says 1/4. After the Timer Ends you get sent back to the Place you joined from. Trying to reenter gives the Missing Entry message now.
Reported this to Support aswell again.
This is the 2nd Times it happened to me.
Again noone could help me.
This Bug has been existing for atleast 3-4 Months now because that was when it happend to me the 1st Time.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Qaa. Sorry to hear you’ve lost your entry ticket as well.