Abyssal dungeon glitch - gone entry

After i got a nice and fast reply from your moderator Standor im copy pasting my problem in here so the post is at the right place :slight_smile:

A few days ago i got kicked out of hildebrandts palace at the last boss (after a 2 hour+ session figuring out the mechanics with some random players) due to a server shutdown and the game took the weekly try from me and gave me zero rewards.

I overlooked that because i was close to tier 2 but now the same thing happend again. I joined into alarics sanctuary for the legendary t2 gear and the server struggled so much while loading in that i got kicked back out directly into the city and it took my weekly attempt again.

I really beg you to please refund that weekly attempt since i dont want to wait almost a week to finally get me some legendary gearโ€ฆ i already had to forcefully skip it the first time due to the mentioned hildebrandt palace glitch.
Since this is the second time a weekly attempt just got taken from me, a reset would be very
kind. Thanks in advance!

Name: Donquixotte
Server: Slen