Abyssal dungeon insatance bug is still there

On EUW when fill a party for abyssal dungeon sometimes you won’t get inside the dungeon and remain in town/city/sea. This bug been there for so long idk how you haven’t fixed it yet…

So we have to leave the party and remake again to enter.

Can’t speak about other regions as i don’t play there.

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I think I’ve found a work around for that bug. I’m not 100% sure if I’m just getting really lucky or it’s what I’ve been doing. What i have been doing is when you’re supposed to hit yes to enter the dungeons or abyss wait 10 seconds. This has been working for me. But like i said I’ve might have just been getting lucky since I’ve started to do it.

I don’t think i have tried waiting but maybe you’re right, will give it a try thanks!

Have ran 3 abyss today and it work. 6 last week. Hope it works for you.