Abyssal Dungeon lockout cannot enter

Two days ago I got kicked out back to town from my abyssal dungeon “Sea of Indolence” during opening cutscene and didn’t even start the dungeon at all. Now I cannot enter my abyssal dungeon and two subsequent ones as well, since you cannot progress the next one without clearing the previous.

Character Name: Sagex
Server: Kadan
Region: EU Central

I’ve heard from multiple people that it is fixed by receiving an in-game mail that resets abyssal dungeon lockout and would like to receive one for myself.

Thank you.

Hello @xaagev!

Thank you for reaching out regarding the loss of your ability to participate in the dungeons due to service issues. At this time we are not able to re-grant the ability to participate in weekly/daily content. You will be able to participate again after the weekly reset that happens Thursdays at 10am UTC, or after the daily reset. We apologize for this inconvenience but please be advised that the team is working on a long-term solution.