Abyssal Dungeon lockout due to ready check timeout

I was doing 1325 and 1340 abyss dungeons, had no problem entering 1325 with a public group that was made through party finder. However, in the 1340 abyss dungeon, Oreha Prevezha, once everyone accepted to enter the dungeon, it created a party instead of taking us inside. Then, a few seconds later, I entered a loading screen where it says I’m the only one that is ready. Once the timer ran out for everyone to be ready, I was taken back to the location I was at on my server, but now I am unable to re-enter the abyssal dungeon. I waited some time and a re-entry ticket was not mailed in either. Not sure what is causing this issue.

Hi there, notshaggy.

What is your character name and your server?

I’ve seen similar reports regarding other pieces of content.

Character name I was on is Masterchef, I was on Karta server. The issue occurred around a few minutes before I posted this, and I did wait to see if a re-entry ticket would be mailed before posting. This has happened once near the early months of the game where I was disconnected during the 8-man abyssal dungeon back in T2, but I was mailed a ticket to re-enter. Unfortunately this time that wasn’t the case.

Thanks for giving me the additional information, I’ll send this over to the development team.

Are there any news on this? Keep happening pretty often and still no fix

Welcome to the community and sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately I have no further information regarding this.