Abyssal dungeon nerf made the multiplayer experience not enjoyable

Amazon, you managed to f**k up a game that already existed and was fun. Reverse the abyssal dungeon/raid nerf that you guys implemented to dumb it down for the ‘casual players’. It went from ‘omg so intense’ to feeling like just daily/weekly chores. All you are doing is proving that player base in NA/EU have lower gaming IQ than players in Korean/russian servers.

You don’t see dark souls or monster hunter developers dumbing down their boss mechanics so the casual players can enjoy the game. you just get better as you keep trying and studying the mechs/patterns. that was the whole point of the abyssal contents being challenging and giving you the feeling of achievement when you beat it with other players.

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It already felt like that because they were already so easy…

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I know! I had no problem beating all the way to ark of arrogance by learning mechs on my own and watching guides online. now the bosses just do no dmg and wipe mechanics are completely gone for some bosses.

My guess is as good as yours, but to me it seems like the T1/T2 nerf is already a done deal. On one hand, yes the nerfed versions are pretty boring, but you also get the weekly grind done quicker on your alts, because now you dont have to worry about any roadblock mechanics.

So positives and negatives, overall the nerfs are ok where they are imo.

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You know they are daily/weekly chores right…?
If you feel like this then the change was successful.
The challenge comes in other areas.


Play using one hand to feel that challenge again lol

I agree that they shouldn’t have nerfed Abyssal Dungeons. They’re a weekly activity that gives great rewards and they should be hard. Aside from some clarity issues here and there they were fine.

For Guardian Raids however, I said this multiple times and I will keep saying it. T1 and T2 Guardian Raids are badly designed, they do basically nothing to teach the player what to do and have a number of clarity problems.
-Attacks that are really hard to telegraph.

-They favor certain classes over others (ranged vs melee)

-Ability effects that are very hard to see (I feel bad for anyone who’s color blind and is trying to play this game).

So, when you have what is supposed to be a daily activity done twice take upwards of hours because of these factors, it becomes a resource battle where you waste pots and time resulting in really bad matchmaking experiences.

In my opinion, T1 and T2 Guardian Raids need reworks. No amount of nerfing or buffing will fix poor design. Obviously, doing that would take a long time, and the easy fix is to simply nerf them and let people pass on to T3 where the boss encounters are significantly better in terms of design. T3 boss encounters are a lot more streamlined and accessible for new players (It’s better for new players to learn mechanics in well designed fights in T3. (This is what usually happens in Korea). This is why some people have reported that T3 content is sometimes easier than T1 and T2.

In the long run, these nerfs don’t matter for Guardian Raids at least. I still think Abyssal Raids should’ve stayed the same. Regardless, the content in T1 and T2 is supposed to passed through fairly quickly, and it’s not the test of difficulty some of you are praising it to be. It is shitty tutorials. I genuinely don’t understand why people are so upset over nerfs to what is effectively the worst part of the game.


I dont care about T1 T2, I dont want them to touch T3 tho (unless there’s a nerf in Korea too, I want the same got dam game)