Abyssal dungeon (Phantom Place - Hall of the Twisted Warlord)

I was playing the abyssal dungeon “Hall of the Twisted Warlord”. Meanwhile we were trying to defeat the last boss a maintenance popped up on the screen said like 10 min left or something. We tried to defeat it as soon as possible but failed, then after 10 min the game kicked us out cause of the maintenance. Now im back in the game and my abyssal dungeon “Hall of the Twisted Warlord” is on cooldown meaning I have earned my rewards for this weekly entry which I havent since I got kicked out during maintenance and never finished the boss/dungeon. Can I get my weekly entry back or something, seems unfair i cant play it cause of a maintenance that kicked me out.

Exactly the same thing happened to me!
Please help us resolve this issue.
Abyssal is weekly and we are losing 1st reset rewards due to urgent maintenance bug.