Abyssal dungeon run consumed when kicked out by lagg (EU)

Entered 960 abyssal dungeon: Gate of Paradise (Sea of Indolence), finally after 20minutes of constant requeing I got into the dungeon, but when my character loaded into the dungeon I got instantly kicked out and my weekly run was consumed.
Is it possible to somehow get a reset for my weekly abyss, unable to continue to the next abyss since I haven’t cleared the Sea of Indolence and now unable to re-enter.

Server: EU Thirain

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Same, me and friends joined and got kicked and lost weekly entrance. Contacted via amazon live chat and did not get any help.

Dungeon: Tranquil Karkosa
Character: Wejshyk
Server: Neria


Dungeon: Tranquil Karkosa
Character: Houresi
Server: Neria

Dungeon: Tranquil Karkosa
Character: Hyppyreon
Server: Neria

Hello @Medicated,

I’m truly sorry about this situation with the Abyssal Dungeon, unfortunately at this moment it’s not possible to restore the dungeon entries and they will automatically restore on the weekly reset.

We will work hard so this situations don’t happen again and we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding on this.

Please have a good day and see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger:

I have seen this response multiple times from support on tickets and my own email, and I just don’t understand how you see this as an acceptable response? The game is about progressing your character, and due to issues with the server you released, there are people now a week behind others in terms of loot from those abysals they have been locked from. You don’t even intend to compensate for this, just accept it and move on.

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So basically we are 4 days behind now, can’t do progress and u just tell us sorry and nothing else?

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That’s actually so sad, waited so long to do these new amazing dungeons and first off I have to wait long to even get in and then I get penalized and left out from my other friends by not being able to do the content with them.
My friend had the same happen to him on the same server I play on and he got some ticket sent via in-game mail that restored his weekly abyss run, is that not possible in my case and if so why ?

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I’ve personally seen no mention of a “ticket” that can restore the lockout, the support have said multiple times that they cant do anything and to wait for the reset, which is unacceptable as a response, but is what we have to live with

Same happened to me…super frustrating…

Server: Wei
Name: Akirion

Pls Fix this asap, I don’t want this happening again next week too TT

This is SUCH A SHAME, we are lock for a week in progression just because you are using your servers as frying machines??? at this point this is new world all over again the game will die in no time and amazone will have the same reputation as ea games everyone will avoid their games.

but at least thanks for letting me experience the WORST launch of gaming history!!!


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The most concerning thing happening here is , that you should threat the every ppl the same way , which didnt happen , some ppl kept getting tickets to restore the resets ( so they could actually progress over the game) , i’m not blaming you , im actually the responsible for this situation , cause im the dumb one playing the game i should have stayed quiet and waited for elden ring instead.

Anyways thank you

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How can you say nothing can be done when some peple get their instances reseted, this was also addresed by someone from your side saying, you receive an item in the mail:

here’s another example:


That’s not true I’ve been told from ingame party members and here in official forums that support at first gave in-game mail tickets that reset abyssal dungeon entrance and fix this issue, but now they refuse. here are the link for the forum posts that have been solved by support;

Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

We do appreciate player’s feedback, let’s make sure to use the correct section: Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

For those who are wondering, here is the reply from a Community Manager about the topic:

I hope this clarifies your concerns and thank you for your understanding.