Abyssal Dungeon Ticket Used When I Didn't do it


When I launched my abyssal dungeon, I was instantly sent back to the city of origin with an impossibility to restart the dungeon in question. “Weekly limit reached” even though I didn’t do the dungeon.

Can u please help me ?

Name : Taktak
Realm : Thirain

I just had the same thing happen. I am so upset. I was so excited to finally have progressed far enough to unlock the new 3 dungeons. Sadly this also locked me out from 2 more, because I haven’t done the first one, and it used my ticket, saying I had already been there. I wish they would fix this, it greatly hinders my progression, and my overall experience

Server : Karta
Character name : Dixynormis
Abyssal Dungeon : Sea of Indolence

Same thing happened to me, after trying to join first raid on Gate of Paradise it just locked me out, please help.

IGN : Watchmesnap
Server : Kadan