Abyssal dungeon weekly entrance lost

When attempting to enter an abyssal dungeon (specifically “sea of indolence”) through the buggy laggy matchmaking right now I was kicked from the dungeon before loading screen. I accepted the queue pop, screen went black, then I was back at the settlement. After that it tells me my weekly entry count is exceeded and I can no longer enter. This also bars me from accessing the 2 next dungeons.

same problem.
Entered “Forge of Fallen Pride” at around 0:45-0:50 UTC, got ported in and then i got disconnected from teh game.
now it says weekly entry exceeded… seems like a lot of people have that problem on EU right now. on the left it say’s i’m still in the group
char name: Reaperxz
server: Thirain
time: 20.02 around 0:45-0:50 AM UTC
my steam is linked to this forums account.
please help :frowning:

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Same thing happened to me right now.
It didn’t put me in a party and it said I left and kicked me out and wasted my ticket.
Few minutes later it put me in the party with the people i was supposed to play with, but I was in the city and couldn’t rejoin them

EU Thirain
char: Spellswipe

Apparently they wont do anything…

I can’t believe how incompetent this publisher is.

Hello @plonk,

I’m truly sorry about this situation with the Abyssal Dungeon, unfortunately at this moment it’s not possible to restore the dungeon entries and they will automatically restore on the weekly reset.

We will work hard so this situations don’t happen again and we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding on this.

Please have a good day and see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger:

Then how about you let people know that this is happening so we wont try to attempt this at peak hours @Greenvcs ? This is a very valuable resource we just lost, due to this awful server situation. And no, some message buried in some forum post isn’t good enough.
My guild mates have been attempting to get in for quite a bit, believing that once you once you beat the dungeon “queue”, you’re good. Apparently not. Only after visiting the forums I see that this has been happening for days and a lot of people are affected, but not even a sticky thread to mention this serious issue let alone an ingame warning.

Your team has issued a lot of apologies in the past week, but things don’t seem to be improving.

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