Abyssal Dungeon weekly entry count exceeded because of power cut


I never did rage quit or alt f4 for any dungeon but today in alaric’s sanctuary dungeon, i had power cut and when i enter the game i saw weekly entry count exceeded. Can you guys help about that.

Server: Spectrum
Username: Korayaks

Thanks for helping.

Hello @korayaks i hope you are doing great.

Apologies for any inconvenience, there is not an available option to restore these missing dungeon entries, they will automatically reset with the weekly reset.

Thank you for your understanding.


same thing happened to me last night and now i can’t even do the next ones because i need to complete the previous ones. If it is a one time thing we should not get “banned” from doing them for the whole week.

Just an Idea, will post this in Feedback also i guess, there should be a possibility, like for example in CS:GO it was, where you get the chance to reconnect to your current run within 5 Minutes or so. Would help much, if you get a Power Outage or a Disconnect from your Router. :slight_smile:

Just an Idea, since i don’t know if its possible.